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OntimeCare is a local, independent and family run company, offering you fully trained staff nurses and care staff 24 hours a day, covering weekdays, weekends or Nights and Holidays.
We provide qualified Nurses at all levels, Support workers, Health Care Assistants, Cleaners, porters, allied professional. we strive to provide you with adequate staff for the continuation of care.

  • Palliative Care

    We have nurses who are trained in end of life care. We are sensitive to peoples values and beliefs. We will discuss with you your preferences and wishes. Our staff are trained in culture and diversity and they are competent and will respect you and your family’s wishes.

  • Respite Care

    Respite Care
    We understand that most loved ones are cared for by family members/spouses. If you need a break and require respite we do have staff who can come into your home and offer you respite be it for a few hours, days or months. This is one of our specialist service and would require at least up to 24hrs notice so that we can provide you with the the right skilled staff.

  • Adults With Disability

    Our staff are trained to work with people with a wide range of physical disabilities and sensory impairment. Feel free to contact us to discuss individuals needs. We do offer assistance with people who may have special requests i.e. personal assistant for a specific task and its popular with people who are in full time education or employment.

  • Dementia

    We have a specialist nurse with vast experience of dementia care who will be able to come and discuss you or your loved ones needs. Supporting people with dementia can be distressing for the loved ones and challenging for the individual who is suffering. At Ontime Care, we have specialist staff who can deal with all stages of dementia and we go an extra mile to support carers.

  • General Care Of The Elderly

    We know and are aware that globalisation has displaced people around and at times family may not be available to offer the support needed for their elderly parents or family members like in the name Ontime care we are happy to adapt to the needs of our clients who may require help with their daily living activities. Our home care services will be tailor made to suit the individual needs and these can range from cleaning, shopping and escorts for appointments.

  • Mental Health Services

    Our community support services include specific services for domiciliary care, supported living, learning disabilities, autism.
    Ontime care will deliver this through the help of our outreach team that engage and support individuals with a dual diagnosis living in their own tenancies. We will also provide move on and rehabilitation services for people with a range of needs, including support for individuals with severe and enduring mental health needs, as well as older adults with functional and organic mental health problems.

    Ontime care is committed to working in line with the National Service Framework (NSF) for Mental Health. Care Solutions Healthcare sees how important it is for service users to have meaningful lives, independent living skills and good self-esteem. Our support focuses on recovery and our services work towards rehabilitation for service users, developing skills so that people can take greater control of their lives. We seek to support the person to make progress towards recovery through recognising and building on their strengths, coping abilities, social networks and support systems.
    Our staff members working in services for people with mental health needs are given training on the Recovery Model in their induction and as necessary during their employment to ensure a positive understanding of recovery. The effective promotion of the recovery approach and use of WRAPs also needs commitment from our service users to engage in a style of action that is service user directed and works by establishing and putting into practice coping strategies, crisis planning, collaborative working and a realistic and effective approach to recovery. This is a model of “co-production” which pools the resources of the service user, their support networks, our services and partner agencies to produce the best possible outcomes for the service user.